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The ScienzFair™ site is one of the World Wide Web's premier sources of information and ideas for students involved in Science Fair activities. ScienzFair™ offers the student numerous scientific categories from which to choose and then provides a large number of project ideas in each category. We try to provide a good mix of ideas so that both younger students as well as high school students will find useful ideas at the ScienzFair™ site. The site includes research, demonstration, and experimental project ideas.

Many of the listed ideas are preceded by an animated bullet, indicating a link either to an example project or to web based information directly relevant to the project idea. At the bottom of each page of ideas is an additional link to a reference page which provides further sources of general information relative to that page's topical subject area.

Each week, dozens of new ideas will be added to the idea pages, along with additional project links and resource links for the ideas that are already listed. ScienzFair™ will be a steadily growing site with an increasing number of project ideas, example projects and resource links. And in the future, large scale reference sections are planned which will detail many of the common experimental procedures and provide advice on applying them to science fair projects.


ScienzFair™ was developed and is maintained by Sean McCormick of Weblink Consultants, Antioch, Illinois. Sean's degree is in Physics with a minor in mathematics. Sean has extensive experience in the electronics industry, environmental testing, management consulting, training program development and technical writing. He has also had several years of experience advising students on the details of their science fair projects and helping them identify and research new project ideas. He can be reached at ScienzFair@aol.com, attention: Sean. Feel free to let us know what you think of our ScienzFair™ site and any recommendations you might have for further improvements.


Here are some unsolicited comments we've received in the past few weeks, exactly as we've received them.  Only the names have been removed to respect privacy:

"This is a fantastic site! Well thought out, thorough and informative. It's a resource my school will use annually." (AP Science/Earth science teacher)

"Just writing to let you know that your site has been a lifesaver. I teach science at a High School in Kansas. Each quarter my students are responsible for completing a project and submitting that project for competition. Your site has provided me with some new ideas. Thanks."

"You really have some great ideas on your site. It seems like everything else I have looked at is useless. Thank you so much. Now I can stop wondering what to do and actually start on my project."

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"Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I've searched the entire internet, and I have to say, yours is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and easy-to-use website which I have come across.

I decided to do a project entitled "THe effect of the rate of flow on the nutrient levels (primarily phosphates and nitrates) of fresh water." I used a lot of your sample projects as a means by which to come upon this idea. Thank you."

"Hey this is Lauren from OK and i think your website is the best!! i have a science fair coming up and this was the only website that really helped me find a project!!!"

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"Thank you so much you helped me with my project and you helped me learn what to do in front of the judges so I was not as scared. I was nervous because I did not have an idea right away but you helped me. I was also nervous because it was my first time. Anyhow I just wanted to say thanks for the idea of the 5th grade science fair project. By the way I got 3rd place."

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We're now four years old, and have been noticed and received our fair share of awards. While the purpose of ScienzFair™ is to help students, not garner awards, it is nevertheless nice to receive recognition for our efforts.  Our thanks to those who have taken the time to examine our site and honor us with an award:

"Congratulations! We are awarding your site the coveted Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval in recognition of your contribution to excellence in content for parents. We have reviewed and evaluated your site from an editorial perspective and are awarding it the Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval for its significant contribution to parenting information.

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The Links2Go Key Resource award differs from other awards in important ways. The Key Resource Award is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. Any group or organization who conducts a similar analysis will arrive at similar conclusions. When Links2Go says your page is a Key Resource, we mean that your page is one of the most relevant pages on the web today, using an objective statistical measure applied to an extremely large data set.


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