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•     What are the effects of gravity on seed sprouting?

•     Does electric or magnetic fields affect seed sprouting or plant growth?

•     What are the effects of low frequency EMF on plants?

•     Does light affect seed germination? How does this relate to planting depth
         for a given type of seed? 

•     What are the effects of ultraviolet radiation on seed germination?

•     Would microwaves have an effect on seed germination?

•     Do X-rays have any effect on seed germination?  

•     Does temperature affect how well seeds sprout?

•     What effect would freezing have on how well seeds sprout?
•     What effect would boiling have on how well seeds sprout?

•     Do high temperatures affect the germination of pine seeds?

•     Will soaking in water before planting help seeds sprout?

•     Does the type of water source used affect seed germination?
•     Does the amount of available moisture affect seed germination?    
         (Test normal, too little and too much)

•      What are the effects of soaking seeds in various chemical substances?
         (sugar or salt water, acids, bases, etc.)

•     Does salt or sugar affect seed germination?

•     How fast do roots grow?

•     Does seed size affect germination rates?

•     Does tobacco or alcohol affect germination rates?

•     Does moisture pH affect sprouting of grass seeds?

•     What is the effect of acid rain on seed germination?

•     What is the effect of smoke on black pine seed germination?

•     Does gold dust have any affect on the germination of radish seeds?

•     Does the depth a seed is planted affect its ability to sprout?

•     Which antioxident substance is best for radish seed germination?

•     Does adding nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the soil contribute to the germination
         and growth of lima beans?


•     Does soil quality vary from one county to another?

•     What kind of soil is best for plant growth?

•     Is there a correct amount of water to use for good plant growth?

•     What is the effect of gravity on plant growth?

•     Examine phototropism, the study of why plants grow towards light.

•     What is the effect of different colors of light on plant growth?

•     Is plant growth affected by exposure to ultraviolet light? 

•     How do plants use photosynthesis to make food?
•     Does photosythesis take place in the absence of light?
•     Is the amount and rate of plant photosynthesis variable?

•     Which type of vegetable has the highest concentration of chlorophyll?
•     Is there a relationship between a leaf's starch and chlorophyll?

•    What effect does electricity have on plants?

•     What effect does temperature have on the growth of plants?

•    What is the effect of common beverages on plant growth?

•     Do hydroponic plants grow taller than plants raised in soil? 

•     What is the effect of hydroponics on root development?

•     What changes in plant shape and growth occur when plants are overcrowded?

•     Can plants grow from leaves that are cut off and planted?

•     What is the effect of artificial plant hormones on the growth of plant cuttings?

•     What is the effect of gibberellic acid on plant growth/flowering/fruiting?

•     Cytokin or Gibberellin: Which increases potato plant growth more?

•     What effect does different types of music have on plant growth?

•     Do earthworms affect plant growth?


•     Does soil pH affect the growth of strawberries? 

•     Does a given type of plant prefer a soil that has a certain pH?

•     Compare the pH of soil samples from various locations in your area.


•     What is the effect of different nitrogen concentrations on plant growth?

•     Which is best... organic or inorganic fertilizers?

•      Is food waste (tea bags, coffee grounds, orange rinds, banana peels, etc.) a
         good fertilizer for plants or does it harm their growth?

•     Would it help plant growth to add vitamins (A, E, C) to the soil?


•     What effect does salt water have on plant growth?

•     How effective is lettuce as a bioassay medium for determining the
         toxicity of saline solutions?

•     What are the effects of different salts on a cauliflower plant?

•     Would soapy water harm or help seed sprouting and/or plant growth?

•     What effect does bleach have on the growth of plants?

•     What effect does cigarette smoke have on plant transpiration?

•       Does nicotine affect plant growth?
•     How does cigarette smoke affect plant growth?

•     Does caffeine affect plant growth?

•    What is the effect of Tobacco Mosaic Virus on common vegetables?

•    What effect does ozone have on plant growth?

•    What happens to vegetables that are subjected to acid rain?

•     Will antacids reverse the ill effects that acid rain has on plants?

•      See our Environmental Science category for further "contaminants" projects.


•      Will fruit extract help bean cutlings re-grow root cells?

•      Compare different types of soil in their ability to absorb and retain water.

•     What role do soils play in determining the flavor of a vegetable?

•     Where are there more stomata, the top or bottom of a leaf?

•     Which type of plants have the greatest transpiration rates?

•     Which type of tree has the greatest transpiration rates? (compare 2 or more)

•     Why do carnivorous fly trap plants close to trap insects but do not close when
         rain drops or debris falls in?

•     Why do leaves change color in the fall?

•      Examination of tree growth rings and their relation to past weather patterns.

•     Examine Genetic Engineering and its effect on the agricultural arena.

•    Which herbicide is the best weed killer?

•      Is there a relationship between seed shape and the method of seed dispersal?

•     Which additive is the best for preserving cut flowers (salt, aspirin, etc.)?

•     Which type of grass is the most drought resistant?

•      Which vegetables have the highest percentages of water content?

•     Is it possible to clone carrots or other vegetables

•     Which avocado rots fastest, one cut from the tree or one with a broken stem?

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