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•    Which store has the best prices?

•    Which soft drink has the greatest amount of carbonation?

•    Which beverage stains teeth the most?

•    Which chewing gum's flavor lasts the longest?

•    Which cleaning product is best for removing carpet stains?

•    Which brand of diaper is the most absorbent?        

•    Which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent?

•    Which brand of paper towel is the strongest?

•    Which brand of battery will last the longest while in continuous use?
•    Another project to see which battery will last the longest.

•    Which brand of popcorn leaves the fewest unpopped kernels?

•    Which fast-food burger contains the least grease?

•    Which brand of cooking spray is best in preventing food from sticking?

•    Which plastic zip-lock bag is the most secure container?

•    What temperature is best for storing micro-wave popcorn?

•    Which color candle will burn the fastest?

•    Is it better to take a shower or take a bath?

•    Compare the amounts of iron in different breakfast cereals.

•     Which cereal will stay crispy the longest when placed in milk?

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