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Acid Rain    Arithmetic Fun   Balloon Car   Balloon Fun  

Balloon Blowup     Bottle Rocket      Bubble Fun    Bubble Bomb

Catapults       CO2 Rocket       Dancing Raisins     Egg Tricks

Fake Blood     Fake Boogers     File Card Bridges

Flubber       Folk Toys       Hangman

Homemade Bubbles     Hot Air Balloon      Hot Air Balloon II

Invisible Ink     Lemon Battery       Milk Glue     Magic Tricks

Modeling Clay    Missle Commando     Mousetrap Cars

Optical Illusions     Paper Rockets     Paper Airplanes

Science Experiments     Seltzer Tablet Rockets   Silly Putty     Slime

Solar Hot Dog Cooker     Spaghetti Bridge    Static Fun

Salt Crystals     Super Sparker     Vinegar Fun

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