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 THE DIABETES INSIPIDUS AND RELATED DISORDERS (DIARO) network is for persons who have, or care for someone with ,any form of Diabetes Insipidus disorder. The main purpose of this network is to offer support for those surrounded by lack of information on these rare disorders.


Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is defined as a condition in which urine is not concentrated (urine is dilute or water-like). Concentration of urine in normally functioning individuals is the consequence of secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) by the posterior pituitary gland in the brain, and a corresponding reaction by receptors on the kidneys. ADH tells the kidneys how much water to keep in the body and how much water to eliminate as urine.

There are at least two separate types of DI. In Central Diabetes Insipidus (CDI, also known as Vasopressin-sensitive DI), the pituitary gland fails to produce ADH. In Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus (NDI, also known as "antidiuretic hormone" or Vasopressin-resistant DI), the pituitary gland may be secreting ADH, but the kidneys fail to react to it. The treatments for either of these root causes are entirely different. The basic symptoms for both disorders are however the same and generally include:

  • Persistent thirst, drinking large amounts of fluids, and urinating frequently
  • Susceptibility to de-hydration and blood electrolyte imbalance(s)
  • A variety of other symptoms which are age and type of DI dependent

Diabetes Insipidus is a rare disorder. As a result of its rarity, few doctors have experience treating patients, and may therefore not diagnose it correctly. This website was started in 1995 and has served those who have been touched by DI either directly or indirectly very well. In the meantime two excellent organizations have emerged, both with excellent and informative websites which have made this website somewhat redundant. We therefore refer you to one or more of the following organizations:

  • The NDI Foundation is an organization intended for those needing information and support for Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.
  • The DI Foundation. Founded by Marian Arminger, the goal of the Diabetes Insipidus Foundation is improved treatment, and ultimately the prevention and cure of all forms of Diabetes Insipidus through research. The DI Foundation promotes a greater public understanding of the disease, and will serve patients and their families with informational material through the quarterly publication of the "Endless Water" newsletter, and through promoting Diabetes Insipidus as "a Different Diabetes" so that people will know there is another Diabetes.
  • Diabetes Insipidus provides general information about diabetes insipidus, including its definition and different types of diabetes insipidus.

A few other sites also provide information on diabetes as well as nutritional foods that could help to relieve complications of diabetes insipidus

American Diabetes Association - A non-profit organization that provides information on diabetes for professionals and patients.

Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Diabetes - A comprehensive article on diabetes by Clinton Choate that also contains effective diabetes alternatives.

For supplements that may improve diabetes complications: Ogoplex and Vasopro.

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