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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will it arrive?
First commercial cubes are estimated to go on sale in May 2000.

The technology for putting it together has now been assembled through hard work and a network of supportive individuals hence the commercial machines are expected to be ready in the coming months. (This date cannot be guaranteed even with the best of intentions and may slip depending on circumstances.)

How big are the cubes?
Fractal robots start at one size to which half size or double size cubes can be attached and to each of those half size or a double size can be attached respectively ad-infinitum (picture below) and that is what makes them fractal. So a fractal robot cube can be of any size. The smallest expected size is between 1000 and 10,000 atoms wide.

fract1.gif (37181 bytes)
Fractal Sized Robots

The size available in prototype form is 10 inches and 5 inches in size made of 1.5 mm thickness aluminium panels. The next generation of machines are expected to be 8" and 16" built from 1/8" thickness aluminium plates. The size is based on experience of building the prototypes and future application requirements.


Any Developer Kits?

No. Currently a developer kit is planned feedback is sought from engineers on what is required. The best suggestion so far is for a kit priced around $1000 with parts to make a few complete cubes and windows software talking to PIC based hardware.  

How much will it cost?
The estimated cost is $1000 per cube for the first generation of commercial cubes. After that, it will decline to $100 or so as production is ramped up.

How can I participate with the least amount of Red Tape?

You can organise your own project and build the machines to your own specifications privately but you can't engage in contracted manufacture or sell them without a license. If you enter into a small business license agreement with us, and your project has merit after review by peers, then you will not have to pay anything until $10m turnover has been reached. After that a one off non-exclusive license fee of $1m is payable and 5% royalties on all further sales. The commercial terms are extremely generous to small startup business with nothing to pay until you are a multi-millionaire!! We believe in supporting small businesses and fostering their success and we believe in companies that want to grow up around us because we know there will be many such companies.