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What the future holds is very bright. It is possible to confidently predict a life of plenty for all. Fractal robot technology can go beyond all of the ideas of nanotechnology as discussed in 1998 giving us everything from 100% automation in construction to automatic chemistry sets to make any desired (but reasonable) materials including cures for extreme diseases. This technology is a converging superset of many different technologies that are out there and it is capable of delivering in this convergence many things that were only speculative up until now. The path to success is laid open by three crucial factors. Firstly, the fractal nature of the machines allows them to be shrunk to 1000 - 10,000 atom wide devices and still function in the same way as the larger machines. Those devices will not need nano gears or any internal moving parts to work even through they themselves can move. At these small scales they have more dexterity than human hands and thus they can excel beyond our manufacturing abilities to produce manufactured goods cheaply resulting in an environment where there is plenty for all. Secondly, it has built in self repair which means the machines can continue to function without human intervention. Thirdly, because the machinery is fractal, it is possible work at the larger scales now and then when fractally smaller machines become available, the investment can be applied to the smaller scale to make smaller, less energy hungry and compact devices.

Ultimately because of 100% automation, it will be possible to send seed machines to explore space, find suitable places to build bases then build bases remotely with 100% automation. Then it will be possible to travel there and settle without the expense of manually constructing a base. Humans will finally be able to spread out into space and colonise new worlds.