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Press Release Source: James B. Rogers

Statement by James B. Rogers, Jr. Regarding Rogers International Raw Materials Fund, L.P

Thursday October 28, 1:15 pm ET

NEW YORK, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- James B. Rogers, Jr., announced today he has determined that mistakes in the calculation of his Rogers International Commodity Index ("RICI") (see below) have been made but have not been publicly disclosed by the Rogers International Raw Materials Fund, L.P. (the "Fund"). He also announced today that he has notified the Fund of his redemption of all of his economic participation in the Fund and of the transfer of his equity ownership in the General Partner of the Fund to a family member. By reason of such transfer, the Fund may have lost its rights to the use of various trademarks involving the name "Rogers," including the name of the Fund.

Mr. Jim Rogers:

1942: Born in the U.S., lives in New York

1970: Co-founded "Quantum Fund," a hedge fund. This portfolio
rose over 4200% in the 1970s.

1980: Left the fund.

1990: Started the World Tour, his long-cherished dream. By the
year 1992, he traveled more than 160,000km covering six
continents on a motorcycle.

1999-2002: Started his World Tour again, visiting 116 countries and
traveling 245,000km. Both tours entitled him to inclusion
in Guinness World Records.

Books: Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim
Rogers Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Investor's Road

RICI (Rogers International Commodity Index):

The index, developed in 1998, represents the price of commodities closely related to the worldwide economy. The components and weightings which structure RICI are determined by a RICI committee directed by Mr. Jim Rogers. In consideration for the demand and supply conditions and the liquidity of each commodity market, RICI is a highly practical index because it incorporates the aspects of feasibility of investment in each market. As of September 30, 2004, it is composed of 35 commodity futures.

Mr. Jim Rogers' Role: The chairman of RICI committee, which decides RICI's components and its weighting.

Source: James B. Rogers