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Rich from Dallas, Texas shares his stories on Jim Rogers with us.  Please read it at Jim Rogers Experience


Jim Rogers is a well-known investor.  However, many of us do not realize about the other side of him.  We aim to explore about different aspects of a successful investor such as Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers Experience collects stories related to Jim Rogers.  Stories are received from visitors of our website.

Jim Rogers on Russia is a rather interesting and humorous email exchange between Jim Rogers and Dmitry, a Harvard Business School student.

Jim Rogers Statements depicts his reactions when he found out that there was a mistake made in his commodity index calculations.

Jim Rogers Jokes collects a joke about him, published in Harbus, after his email exchange with Dmitry.

No offence, Jim Rogers. 

We received many emails from people who assume that Jim Rogers himself started this website.  This is not true.  However, from the emails, we sense that there is a group of people who are either extremely supportive or extremely dissatisfied with Jim Rogers's comments on certain things.  Some of them are extremely humorous.

This is our purpose:

We would like to expose these supports and dissatisfactions to the public, in a humorous way.


This website is made by a third party and is not affiliated with Jim Rogers of http://www.jimrogers.com


Offence - should have spelled as "Offense" for our American visitors.  However, the term Offence is used in the United Kingdom.


Should you have comments about this website, please email JimRogers.NoOffence@gmail.com

By writing to us, we would assume that you agree that we would make your comments public.  If you do not wish so, please state it in your email.