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Comments Against Both Jim Rogers and the Russian Student
on "Jim Rogers on Russia"

Comments are collected from emails, and various sources on the Internet.  Please visit Jim Rogers to find out how you can submit your comments to us.  We welcome all kinds of comments and will publish them here without prejudice.


I'm not sure the student's tone was "civil." I think he was inarguably condescending, chauvanestic, and insulting. Still, usually in intellectual debates you show up your opponent through a good argument. You don't, as Rogers did, spend half your time on personal insults, and another quarter of the time on self-gratification. His actual counter arguments, in between telling the student he should keep his mouth shut, are few and inexact. But I don't suppose one gets exact arguments when the topic is gambling. So, I'm with you; Rogers comes off like a real jerk. But what should we expect from a egoistic, self-absorbed "capitalist" who's "making it in the real world?"


Ok my 2 cents:

- Dimitry was wrong for CCing all the students, it sounds like a personal rather than a public argument and it is just plain arrogant.

- Jim should have been nicer in his response, if not even take the high road and not respond. The best response to EVERYBODY would have been, "Grow up, kid!". I think that would have hurt a lot more than the long one he wrote.

- Everybody is saying Dimitry's career is over. Ha! Double Ha! This guy is a CFA, apparently going to get an MBA from Harvard. Doesn't sound like he is interested in a career in the US anyway. He is going to be treated like a GOD in Russia when he comes back if it gets to the point where he should be worried. His salary in Moscow (newly the most expensive city in the world) would probably trump anything he can get in the states (some personal research experience here).

- He is a CFA, must mean he has at least 3 years experience, so probably not a "kid" and most likely got his experience in Russia so to put some validity to his comments.

- I would love to see the response if you were in the foregin country and some foreigner made even a tincy wincy mistake about the US market. Everyone would have had the same response as Dmitry (you know you would!).

- Being of Russian decent, spending most of my childhood in Russia, working in one of the old-Soviet states right now I will mention that its also a cultural thing (to a certain extent)...his need to respond that is. I would have probably done the exact same thing (noting that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do).


***Much to do about nothing. Not impressed with Rogers or the punk.*** not so fast, Mr... it would be like you say if this would concern Mr Alimov HBS and Ms Vomila SBH... but here people discuss the ugly rebuke of ‘’said to be’’ market legend made for simple punk (as you defined Alimov yourself). Assuming Alimov is indeed this punk I would expect him and not Rogers Jimmy to resort to cheap profane language. Of course Alimov should not have started his email by challenging in ultimate way some arguments Rogers made during his speech. Still Rogers, if he would be what some people think he is, should have either skipped replying to Alimov or should have done it in polite but definitive manner to preclude Mr. Alimov from replying back.

PS: it was not the issue whose facts about Russia were correct or plain wrong. The issue was how both investment guru Rogers and punk Alimov failed at large in communicating to each other. whether a punk might be excused, for Rogers there is little excuse in this situation.