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Comments Against Jim Rogers

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There is really little of interest to be said of the man at this point. Of late, he seems largely to be "fading from public view" -- and public interest -- and now has become so desperate to remain in the limelight that he is now resorting to creating pages on web hosting sites thinking in some way to salve his aging ego (Not true. See explanation on Comments. Added by editor). A doctor might recommend DHEA.

About all that can really be said anymore is that his gigantic audacity still tries to overshadow his abject idiocy at times.

One would think that a man of some wealth who claims not to suffer fools gladly could at least afford a mirror.


Jim's notorious for his unrelenting his attitude toward Russia and Russia investing, as we all know. He alone is responsible for people's disenchantment with him. Sad when a man like Jim is so caught up with his childish egomania that he cannot own a mistake like "normal" people. One can only assume that he himself is one of those fools he claims not to suffer gladly.