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Comments For Jim Rogers

Comments are collected from emails to us.  Please visit Jim Rogers to find out how you can submit your comments to us.  We welcome all kinds of comments and will publish them here without prejudice.

Comment #1

This is the saddest, most pathetic site I have ever come across. Go talk to a female.

ur site reads like pure jealously and misunderstanding of his actions

and how much time and energy you devote to create the site and imaginary emails - just sad buddy. have a nice sad life

Comment #2

I've corresponded with Jim Rogers many times over the years, and it has always been a total pleasure. He has a great memory for people, and has always treated me like a friend, without really knowing who I was.

He is obviously one who is not afraid to entertain the wildest of hypothesis, and I've certainly shared some very wild ones with him, knowing it would never make him run and hide. To contrary, unusual ideas peak his curiosity.

The world needs more people like Rogers. Highly independent. Highly entertaining. Whether right or wrong, always insightful in some special way.

I have a very short short-list of market gurus I like to follow. Rogers has always been on my list. I'm grateful to see these arguments made public. Fantastic entertainment! Nobody should expect a black sheep investor to reason like the rest.

Dallas, Texas.