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Comments About Our Website

Many people thought Jim Rogers used this site to diverse attention (which is not true):  But you can see from the comments that many people are very bitter at Jim Rogers.

Please feel free to visit Jim Rogers for contact information and send us your comments.  We will make a special column for you if your comments deserve special attention.

Comment #1:

Interesting, if rather transparent, e-mailed diversion from your chink-y friend(s) at the "chinesetutor" website (referring to articles posted on http://chinese-school.netfirms.com/Jim-Rogers-Russia.html, added by editor).  Thanks for the belly laugh.

For my part, I'm welcome across eastern Europe and in Russia -- and returning soon.  We're vacationing for the summer solely, in fact, on PROFITS gleaned from my recent Russian dividends and cap gains despite your snide, if inept, aspersions cast on Russian investing and on me.

Oh, by the way, we'll likely look up Dima Alimov.  Planning to go spend some time in Moscow, and he's extended an invitation to do that. Seems like a quite bright young man with his Harvard grad schooling.

You still appear the consummate ... ... zhopa!  What more needs be said.


Comment #2

One must realize that Jim Rogers is a childish egomaniac, with what sometimes seem serious emotional issues when it comes down to adult behavior -- and a loud-mouthed braggart with an, at best, perennially garrulous disposition. The man has no discernible self-esteem despite his admitted financial success, and one can only view that as rather sad and pathetic. An easy sort to make fun of for anyone who has chanced to run afoul of his nasty temper and condescending demeanor. What a pitiful jerk. But if it amuses his pathetic nature to get off on that, who really cares?

Comment #3

That's a very interesting diversion, Jim, setting up pages on a webhosting site to continue to self-promote investment advice, "Investor Kits," book, etc. Some people have no class, despite a modicum of financial success. (referring to the right side advertisements put by the hosting company, in which we do not have any control.  added by editor).

One of you favorite adages is about not suffering fools gladly, but you expect the rest of the world to suffer you. How ludicrous!