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Mr. Alimov, I was at the talk and watched your original exchange. Your comments were anything but "polite". When he called on you, you began with "I want to correct your mistakes" or something to that effect. It was very condescending and insulting. Jim was invited to the school to talk because he is what he is, a very opinionated, grumpy, interesting, and funny person who made it in this world by either luck or skill. In that context, your job is not to correct people. Feel free to talk about how the person is a complete lunatic afterwards if that is your perogative. You could even ask very subtle questions in the talk to draw out your point and demonstrate that he is insane if that is your desire. That would require elegance and composure, however, and you have neither as you displayed when you came out with guns blazing. I think your reply to Jim and post here demonstrate that you are also delusional. You may be correct on the facts (though there is still room for debate if you actually listened to what he was saying), but I would never say you are "polite" or "respectful".


Dear Dmitry:

Good Luck at HBS, because God knows you will need it! I hope you are proud of yourself and feeling empowered, because your little "stunt" may cost you on the professional front down the road. Just not smart! While it is important to question and challenge, if you were truly interested in "intellectual discourse" your original e-mail would not have been so pathetic. I realize that you were motivated by silly nationalistic pride and some underlying insecurity. Rogers' response (whether you agree with his analysis or not) was right on! Little presumptious lads such as yourself need to be put into their place, and frankly have no place in the professional world. Not sure if you have alot to learn or are just beyond it.
So much for Harvard and the CFA designation! You are an embarrassment to both, but mainly to yourself. MBA, CFA, ASS!