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Chinese Group Class


Chinese Class Schedule (Course schedule is subject to minor revision.)

Starting Date: Every month, a new class will start.  Please contact us for details.

Course Size: 3-12 studentsChinese Class in Chicago - Building


Andy Zhang

Teaching Materials:

Handouts and computer pages on various topics
Chinese learning software, and Chinese language textbooks.

Course Description:

This is a beginning level course in Modern Standard Mandarin Chinese. This course helps students develop basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing colloquial Chinese.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand and hold basic daily conversations.
2. Comprehend readings related to materials taught in class.
3. Spell Chinese in Pinyin, a phonetic transcription system.
4. Write simplified characters (a standard writing form employed in mainland China and Singapore) taught in class. (Writing is practiced at home. No writing is required in class)

Class Activities:

Conversations are the main theme of each class which is a combination of the following:
1. A brief oral quiz at the beginning of each class.
2. Explanation of vocabulary, grammar structure and the text by the teacher.
3. Conducting dialogues based on fundamental sentence patterns and vocabulary.
4. Improvisation combined with students’ practical needs.
5. Homework assignments.

Class requirements:


Full attendance is essential for successful completion of this class. A student’s absence can have an effect on the progress of the course and his/her classmates. However, private tutoring and handouts sent via emails are available to make up missed classes.


First payment of $270 for 6 weeks of language training. (Includes of 300 page of class materials).